Save money on school supplies

January is the month of the accounts. Then add one more that is part of the routine of many parents: school supplies. While it is of the utmost importance to invest in the education of children, it is possible to save money and avoid a budget deficit. Before you go out there and buy everything in the first store that appears, attention to these hot tips for Credit Advisor:


Check out the materials you already have at home


With the list in hand, make sure you have the items ordered by the school. Products like glue, scissors, crayons, among others, usually have good durability and can be used the following year.
In the case of books, the youngest child may use those of the eldest, provided that they are the same as those requested by the teacher.

Search. Is very!

Search. Is very!

Business is researching. The internet is a tool that is there for that, and with it, you find price comparator sites. So, before hitting your leg and making a long pilgrimage in search of affordable prices, chart a route of comparative shopping on the web, get organized, and then go shopping. If the freight + value is satisfactory, it is worth making purchases on e-commerce sites.
Attention: Before finalizing the purchase, check the store’s reputation. Search on sites like E-bit and Reclame Here.



As the old saying “Who does not cry, does not suck” would say. Throw shyness into the corner and talk to the seller: question the cash values ​​and the term, try better payment conditions and ask for discounts.

In addition to being an exhausting activity for the little ones, they are more susceptible to the marks of personages and designs, material made mainly to attract the infantile public. These materials usually have a higher cost.

Organize a shopping group

The greater the number of units purchased from each product, the greater its bargaining power will be in front of the stores, thus being able to negotiate discounts. Gather some of your parents and buy together everything the kids will need for the school year. Some stores, for example, offer rebate on final value in large quantities. Think about it!

Ask the Bank

Ask the Nota Fiscal

This is your guarantee. If there is a defect in the product not identified at the time of purchase, with it you can make the exchange without major problems.

Oh … And you may also need a credit card to go shopping. Already have yours? Or do you want a new one full of advantages?


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