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The prepaid credit card may not be as established in the Netherlands as it is in the US, but more and more Dutch people have a prepaid credit card.

This may be due to the fact that many Dutch banks offer a credit card as part of a payment package. Sometimes you have to pay extra for that, sometimes it is offered as a free service with a payment package.

Why don’t you use a credit card?

Yet many Dutch people do not yet use a prepaid credit card, while people in the US cannot imagine a life without a credit card. Perhaps this is due to the fact that people in the Netherlands get the feeling that they are in debt when they use a credit card. We can therefore conclude that the use of a credit card in the Netherlands is still associated with debt.

Fear of making debts?

Fear of making debts?

Thanks to the Prepaid Mastercard you no longer have to make debts. A prepaid credit card ensures that you no longer have to be in the red to be able to use a credit card. After all, prepaid stands for prepaid, which means that you first load the card with the balance of your bank account, and only then pay with your Prepaid Mastercard. This way you will always have an overview of the expenses you have incurred.
With the Prepaid Mastercard you can kill two birds with one stone. With this handy card you have a credit card with which you can make purchases when a credit card is required and you always have an overview of the purchases without giving you the feeling that you can expect an unpleasant surprise.

Where can you pay with this card

Where can you pay with this card

In the Netherlands you can go to 90,000 stores to pay online. There are no fewer than 27 million cases worldwide. In certain restaurants it is more and more common to pay with a credit card.

With the Prepaid Mastercard you have the option to do this, without losing the overview or getting the feeling that you are making unthinking expenses. There is also no review at the bkr when applying, so it is a prepaid credit card without a bkr review.

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