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Home Loans and Real Estate Market Overview

2017 was a year of intense speculation in the real estate sector. While the constructions within the scope of urban transformation continued uninterruptedly, projects also increased. The most important reason for speculation is how much demand will be met. If you intend to become a host, you should act and analyze this period correctly.

In 2017, especially in Istanbul; the location of the house, its various characteristics and consumer behavior led to price increases on a neighborhood-street basis, and from time to time these increases were offset by “corrections”.

According to Bank’s 2017 report; The dynamics affecting the construction and housing sector are as follows:

  1. Decrease and increase of housing permits by contractors according to market expectations.
  2. Branded housing manufacturers, projects to accelerate the sector’s campaign work.
  3. Good conditional housing loans issued by banks and the positive impact of the financing models jointly undertaken by corporate firms and banks.
  4. Housing sales for foreign investors, typical of which we can see in Istanbul.

If we examine the relationship between housing supply and demand in Turkey, it seems to be to establish equilibrium. Approximately 1.2 million housing units change hands annually and 650,000 new housing needs continue.

In 2016, 1 million 341,453 units were sold in the year 2016; In January-September 2017, the sales reached 1 million 30.728. This figure is foreseen to be achieved in the last quarter. At this point, we can say that with the positive effect of the incentives for the real estate sector, it has moved back to a positive line in housing sales.


Surprise City in Housing Price Increases

Surprise City in Housing Price Increases

According to the index data, in the light of the data of 5 years among 30 metropolitan municipalities, Aydın took the first place with an increase of 1925 TL per square meter. Following the increase rate of 102% by Aydın; Army with 97%, Bursa with 90%, Sakarya with 87% and İzmir with 79%.

House prices in the list with the highest square meter price 4200 TL in Istanbul and Izmir with 2750 TL. After Istanbul, transportation projects have also caused an increase in prices in Bursa and Kocaeli.

The regions on the Channel Istanbul, metro line are also affected by the projects that play a role in the increase of house prices in Istanbul. If you choose the city / neighborhood where you will buy a house, whether for investment or residence purposes, you will be profitable.


How is housing loan interest?

How is housing loan interest?

While these developments take place in the real estate world, housing loans are also affected by these developments. Since the second quarter of 2017, interest rates on housing loans have increased. Interest rates on housing loans that you can apply for now vary between 0.88 and 1.50.


What should you pay attention when you take a mortgage?

What should you pay attention when you take a mortgage?

Your city, neighborhood-specific research has yielded results, and if you’ve found the right home for you, we’re ready to discuss the other terms you’ll need to provide for a mortgage loan. But here is an important reminder; whether the house is eligible for the loan is to be investigated before the application and you have the income level to receive the amount of the loan you need to withdraw.


Down Payment Condition When Buying Housing

Down Payment Condition When Buying Housing

With the impact of the 25% down payment requirement being reduced to 20% in 2016, banks still meet 80% of loans today. If you do not have any down payment and you plan to buy the house completely by credit; our first suggestion is to take out a loan. You can also buy the house you want to buy by using a 100% housing loan without a down payment, by showing mortgages to any house from your family or spouse’s surroundings.


Expertise Charter

As we recalled above, the first step is the suitability of the house for credit, but the next step is also very important. From the fact that the house is in a developing area, to the soundness of the building and the interior features, the appraisal report; determines the amount of credit you want to take for your home and whether you can get it. So be sure to check out the area you choose to buy and avoid risky choices if you want to buy a house with credit.


Review Credit Interest Rates:

Identify differences in total repayment by examining housing loans as well as interest rates, commission rates, and file costs. Determine the right loan and payment plan for you accordingly.


Check Your Credit Life Insurance Premium Amount:

Credit Life Insurance is one of the issues that affect your total loan cost. In the case of obtaining a housing loan, the premium amounts are generally high, since a larger debt will be secured. What is important here is that you do not have to take out a life insurance policy from the bank; you can search for a more affordable alternative to the credit life insurance offered by your bank, or even buy it online and offer it to your bank.


Credit Rating:

If there has been a past or ongoing problem with credit and credit card payments; this will surely be reflected in your credit rating. Therefore, if you have a problem, applying for yourself, being rejected and again creating a situation that affects your credit rating; We recommend that you apply for a loan on behalf of one of the clean family members.

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