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Calculation of Total Effective Cost

Credit financial transactions receive additions that often make the consumer think that they are undue charges or even that their installments have increased because of some mistake of the financial institution. However, when making a complaint, you are surprised … These charges, in fact, are part of the CET, the total effective cost of a […]

Save money on school supplies

January is the month of the accounts. Then add one more that is part of the routine of many parents: school supplies. While it is of the utmost importance to invest in the education of children, it is possible to save money and avoid a budget deficit. Before you go out there and buy everything […]

Home Loans and Real Estate Market Overview

2017 was a year of intense speculation in the real estate sector. While the constructions within the scope of urban transformation continued uninterruptedly, projects also increased. The most important reason for speculation is how much demand will be met. If you intend to become a host, you should act and analyze this period correctly. In […]

Prepaid credit card Mastercard

The prepaid credit card may not be as established in the Netherlands as it is in the US, but more and more Dutch people have a prepaid credit card. This may be due to the fact that many Dutch banks offer a credit card as part of a payment package. Sometimes you have to pay […]