Month: June 2019

I need urgent money

Have you ever been, and if you have been in a situation that you think of “Urgently I Need Money” – it probably depends most on your habits and lifestyle, needs, spending and income, and the affairs of other people (partners); Urgently I need money is the expression we hear more and more often In […]

Short vs. long interest rate of loan: who should use what

Doubtful offers that seem tempting can result in a double burden for the distant future, as the interest rate is not the only decisive factor. Differently high interest rates are agreed for a different time, distinguishing between variable and fixed interest rates. The variable interest rate adjusts to the interest rates of the free market, […]

Save money on school supplies

January is the month of the accounts. Then add one more that is part of the routine of many parents: school supplies. While it is of the utmost importance to invest in the education of children, it is possible to save money and avoid a budget deficit. Before you go out there and buy everything […]

Interest calculation mortgage repayment plan of consolidation loan

Mortgage Life Loan Example – Calculating Interest on the Repayment Plan Mortgage Bank financing cost Lifetime mortgage loan: 15-year personal loan Mortgage debt consolidation Mortgage rates today – loans to the Casrio fund Car box and loan purchase financing at the best rate Financing agos apple rejected for car installment calculation Fostal Bank retired loans […]